RMCAANA & Alumni Dialysis Unit Project at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi

Considering the acute need of medical care for poor patients, RMCCANA executive council and past presidents decided to use our resources to upgrade the existing dialysis unit at Holy Family Hospital (HFH). The Dialysis center at HFH once had 10 dialysis machines.

After provision of food, clothes and medicines came the phase of rehabilitation of flood victims and provision of brick shelter which could save their families from all sorts of weather. The people of these areas are very poor and neglected. With the continuous help of RMCOF/ Students of Shifa Medical College/ Muslim community from Mauritius/ Brig Rtd. M. Arif Siddiqui, NUST/ Individuals/International Development Relief Foundation (IDRF) Canada, ROF constructed 200 brick houses and 5 mosques. Brig Rtd. M. Arif Siddiqui, NUST provided funds for construction of three mosques.

The goals of the project were to: at Holy Family Hospital Restore the fully functioning 10 station hemodialysis unit at Holy Family Hospital Upgrade and improve the dialysis facilities by staff training and equipment upgrade. Ensure the sustainability of the fully functioning dialysis unit through feedback and regular maintenance and repair of the equipment as needed.

Reduce the incidence of conversion to hepatitis and HIV in dialysis patients through quality analysis and appropriate training. To facilitate day to day running of the dialysis unit, including appointment of the nurses, technicians and physicians. Improve the patient care, education of the staff and setting the standard for quality care in a Dialysis Setting. As of today the Dialysis center has 10 machines and provides 35-40 dialysis sessions daily. They are open 7 days a weeks and is FREE of cost to all patients. Donations from RMCOF pay for the dialysers, medications, staff and anything else that is needed for quality treatment. Over $90,000 USD was collected for the new dialysis center.

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RMCOF, Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation is a charitable organization founded by the alumni of Rawalpindi Medical College that are practicing across the globe. RMCOF aims to facilitate the poor and ease their suffering, to improve health education, in Pakistan especially in and around the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.



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